Mindset Science: Rewire Your Thinking by Beth Bianca Paperback Book


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Author: Beth Bianca

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Blue Pluto Publishing

Published: Dec 2018

Genre: Psychology - Research & Methodology

Pages: 174


Are YOU Ready to Shatter Your Self-Sabotaging Behaviors, Once and For All?

Do you feel stuck in an endless battle with—yourself?

Are You Ready to Turn Your Life Around? If so, this book will change your life.

Forget about the gurus' empty promises. Finally, here's a book that empowers you to transform your life with proven science-backed research!

Wouldn't you like to know how to disconnect the wiring from your harmful habits and reconnect new empowering habits in their place? Imagine how you'd feel!

Mindset Science: Rewire Your Thinking will sweep you along chapter by chapter with eye-opening information, real-life examples and dozens of studies full of evidence.

You'll discover how to create remarkable results in your life. Changes that seemed impossible until now can become your new natural way of being.

Beth Bianca wasted thirty years fighting to change her harmful habits. She read the self-help gurus' books and tried their advice, but something was missing. She always ended up right back where she started—with her old oppressive behaviors. After all the disappointments and frustration Beth felt hopeless and quit trying to change. That was until she had a rude awakening. A life-threatening event taught her the important lessons missing from the gurus' books. Now she's on a mission to expose the truth.

Inside Mindset Science: Rewire Your Thinking, Beth reveals 10 Steps to transform your thinking and your life. Plus, she clearly and simply explains the science-backed research that proves the steps work.

Isn't it Time You Dared to Live Your Dreams?

Here's a hint of what you'll find in Mindset Science: Rewire Your Thinking:Why the way your brain is wired dominates everything you do.How you can alter your brain wiring and take charge of new empowering results.The critical reason why you sabotage your efforts and how to eliminate it.Why willpower doesn't always work and how you can strengthen it.The must-have ingredient you need to create any new positive habit.The shocking lesson missing from the gurus' books.This isn't another motivation book; it's a guidebook for navigating a triumphant life.

Become who you're meant to be!

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