Miracle in the Making: The Adam Taliaferro Story by Scott Brown Paperback Book


Rent Miracle in the Making: The Adam Taliaferro Story

Author: Scott Brown

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Triumph Books

Published: Sep 2001

Genre: Biography & Autobiography - Sports - Football

Retail Price: $16.95

Pages: 256


Adam Taliaferro had it all: smarts, an easy-going personality, and incomparable athletic ability. None of that seemed to matter, however, on that fateful September day when his father was given startling news: Do not expect your son to walk again. Ever. Since that numbing day, Taliaferro, the Penn State freshman cornerback who was paralyzed after tackling an Ohio State running back, has defied the odds. Before he had spinal-fusion surgery, he made a vow to his mother: 'Mom, I'm not going out like this.' Three months later, he walked out of a Philadelphia hospital on crutches, determined to complete his amazing recovery, making the name 'Adam Taliaferro' synonymous with courage and perseverance.

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