Murmurs of Doubt: Twelve Skeptical Graphic Novellas by Rebecca Fox Paperback Book


Rent Murmurs of Doubt: Twelve Skeptical Graphic Novellas

Author: Rebecca Fox

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Ockham Publishing

Published: Jun 2017

Genre: Philosophy - Movements - Humanism

Pages: 184


A one-off literary experience. Mixing critical thinking and inspiring illustration, with a wealth of humanist and philosophical issues from around the world, Murmurs of Doubt is a beautifully drawn, global call to reason. From the touching reality of a woman reaching the end of her life, to a talking fox amid an existential tube journey, this is a truly unique collection. Exhilarating, funny, enlightening and completely original. Learning to think critically has never been so gratifying. "Rebecca Fox is an incredibly talented young artist whose drawings pull readers into a thoughtful, intricate, and lovely world. Her compelling images and storylines offer a kind of graphic mindfulness where we allow ourselves to pause, reflect, learn, emerge, and feel better and think more clearly as a result." Peter Boghossian "Honest, humane and true to life. Fox shows how rejection of religion need not be dogmatic and simplistic but can and does arise from a sincere and deep seeking after truth." Julian Baggini "At a time of growing demand by adherents for respect of their religions and for the prohibition of criticism of religious views, Fox tells us where true respect lies - in doubting and interrogating religious ideas, not in refraining to do so; in using the spear of critical inquiry to pierce the wall of closed belief systems." Leo Igwe, Laureate of the International Academy of Humanism "The scope and effort involved in Murmors of Doubt impressed me no end. Truly a striking, and at times quite moving endeavor." George Hrab, Musician and Skeptic

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