Not Peace But a Sword by Vance Havner Paperback Book


Rent Not Peace But a Sword

Author: Vance Havner

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Life in the Spirit Ministries, Incorporated

Published: Apr 2014

Genre: Fiction - Christian - Classic & Allegory

Pages: 174


Riverby Memorial Church was both imposing and important, with a liberal sprinkling of lawyers, doctors, retailers and politicians. Its pastor was highly educated, an excellent speaker, and surpassed every area minister in the art of pleasing all the church members. Everyone spoke well of their pastor. Memorial Church was a peaceful place to be—but it was the peace of a cemetery! All that changed when Stephen Lynn came to town. Lynn was not a pastor, but he was a Christian through and through. He took Christ and his words seriously. He not only talked the talk; he walked the walk. Through Lynn's influence, the pastor was renewed as well as several others. The "old guard" resisted this fresh move of the Spirit. The devout soon discovered that the way of Christ was a way of "not peace but a sword." This refreshing fictional account of revival coming to a local church, should whet the spiritual appetite of every believer who thirsts for reality—in their own life and the life of the church.

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