Octagon, the Early Years by Ryan Kelly Paperback Book


Rent Octagon, the Early Years

Author: Ryan Kelly

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Infinity Publishing (PA)

Published: Oct 2002

Genre: Biography & Autobiography - Specific Groups - Male Gay Studies

Pages: 156


Ryan Kelly's memoir, Octagon, The Early Years, is a true account of a young boy's life set in the timeframe of 1943 to 1960. Ryan shares a unique view of a boy dealing with a dysfunctional family and his own sexual identity, in a writing style that swings you from past to present. Stepping into the Octagon offers a chance to feel the complexities of youth and the wisdom of age. Ryan seeks what the world seeks, acceptance, love, and happiness, yet above all that he longs for a world with a changed heart. A world where everyone has the chance to live his or her life to the fullest and where memoirs like his never need shared again.

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