On Purpose: How Engagement Drives Success by Pamela Landwirth Paperback Book


Rent On Purpose: How Engagement Drives Success

Author: Pamela Landwirth

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Give Kids the World Village

Published: Aug 2019

Genre: Business & Economics - Business Ethics

Pages: 98


PURPOSE MATTERS ... and for more than 25 years, it's been the animating force of Pamela Landwirth's career. As leader of one of the country's most well-respected nonprofits, she has dedicated her life to helping children and families. With the release of On Purpose: How Engagement Drives Success, Landwirth establishes herself as an indispensable voice in the campaign for corporate responsibility and the search for personal fulfillment. On Purpose is a book about things that really matter – helping others, leading with passion, inspiring the people around you. Things that will make your business more successful and your life more meaningful.

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