One Team, One Spirit: Inspiration for the Christian Coach by  Paperback Book


Rent One Team, One Spirit: Inspiration for the Christian Coach


Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Concordia Publishing House

Published: Aug 2017

Genre: Religion - Christian Life - Inspirational

Retail Price: $16.99

Pages: 192


Prepare for more than just the game!

In between practice, games, and training, Christian youth sports coaches often struggle to balance the secular scorecard with the faith scorecard. Many coaches want to instill faith in their athletes but don't know where to begin.

One Team, One Spirit eliminates all excuses coaches might have that keep them from pushing students to pursue a meaningful relationship with Christ in addition to athletic excellence. Divided up by sports seasons - fall, winter, and spring - this book contains forty-five sets of devotions that each include a message for the coach and a devotion and prayer for the athletes.

Read before the home opener, after a crushing loss, or during practice to refocus students on the real prize — eternal life with Jesus Christ!

Includes devotional articles, personal reflections, and practical coaching tips. Ideal for administrators and athletic directors to put in the hands of all their coaches.


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