One by One by Ruth Ware Paperback Book


Rent One by One

Author: Ruth Ware

Format: Unabridged-CD, Paperback

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio

Published: Sep 2020

Genre: Fiction - Thrillers - Psychological

Retail Price: $39.99

Discs: 10


“The Agatha Christie of our generation.” —David Baldacci, #1 New York Times bestselling author\r\n “Diabolically clever.” —Riley Sager, author of Final Girls\r\n \r\n The #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Turn of the Keyand In a Dark Dark Woodreturns with another suspenseful thriller set on a snow-covered mountain.\r\n\r\nGetting snowed in at a luxurious, rustic ski chalet high in the French Alps doesn’t sound like the worst problem in the world. Especially when there’s a breathtaking vista, a full-service chef and housekeeper, a cozy fire to keep you warm, and others to keep you company. Unless that company happens to be eight coworkers…each with something to gain, something to lose, and something to hide. \r\n \r\nWhen the cofounder of Snoop, a trendy London-based tech startup, organizes a weeklong trip for the team in the French Alps, it starts out as a corporate retreat like any other: PowerPoint presentations and strategy sessions broken up by mandatory bonding on the slopes. But as soon as one shareholder upends the agenda by pushing a lucrative but contentious buyout offer, tensions simmer and loyalties are tested. The storm brewing inside the chalet is no match for the one outside, however, and a devastating avalanche leaves the group cut off from all access to the outside world. Even worse, one Snooper hadn’t made it back from the slopes when the avalanche hit.\r\n \r\nAs each hour passes without any sign of rescue, panic mounts, the chalet grows colder, and the group dwindles further…one by one.

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