Poodle Springs by Robert B. Parker Paperback Book


Rent Poodle Springs

Author: Robert B. Parker

Narrator: Elliott Gould

Format: Abridged-CD

Publisher: Ingram Pub Services

Published: Mar 2007

Genre: Fiction - Mystery & Detective - General

Retail Price: $16.95

Discs: 3


Marlowe is back...and he's married to a rich, beautiful society lady who want him to settle down in the posh desert community of Poodle Springs. Marlowe may have married rich, but old habits die hard: he's hired to recover a gambling debt and soon finds himself in a case involving bigamy, pornography and murder.
The first four chapters of this final Marlowe mystery were written by noir master Raymond Chandler at the end of his life. Robert B. Parker was chosen by Chandler's estate to complete his last work, and the result is a true classic for Chandler aficionados and mystery fans alike.

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