Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager: A Franklincovey Title by Kory Kogon Paperback Book


Rent Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager: A Franklincovey Title

Author: Kory Kogon

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Benbella Books

Published: Apr 2015

Genre: Business & Economics - Project Management

Retail Price: $16.95

Pages: 224


If you're struggling to keep your projects organized, this book is for you. If your team is unable to meet your deadlines, this book is for you. And if you're consistently managing projects despite having no project management training, this book is definitely for you.

You're not alone—in fact, your situation is quickly becoming the norm. Project management is the work of the 21st century workforce—companies in every industry require regular team and matrixed team efforts to complete a variety of extremely important endeavors. But, across the board, the success rate of the average company's projects is lackluster. This should come as no surprise when so many employees dread project management. There is a better way.

From FranklinCovey management experts Kory Kogon, James Wood, and Suzette Blakemore comes Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager, offering practical, real-world insights for effective project management. Kogon, Wood, and Blakemore understand the importance of leadership in project completion—they explain that people are as crucial as processes in the formula for success, and an effective project manager can't afford to undervalue his or her team. This book guides you through the essentials of the project management process:


Unofficial project managers in any arena will benefit from the accessible, engaging real-life anecdotes, memorable "Project Management Proverbs," and quick reviews at the end of each chapter.

It's time to change the way you think about project management—"project manager" isn't your official title or necessarily your dream job, but with the right strategies, you can excel. Managing projects doesn't have to be a frustrating process that you merely tolerate in your current position. If you're ready to lead an eager team and exceed expectations, picking up this book is the first step to success.

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