Promotable: How to Demonstrate Your Value, Highlight Your Potential & Land Your Next Promotion by David M. Arrington Paperback Book


Rent Promotable: How to Demonstrate Your Value, Highlight Your Potential & Land Your Next Promotion

Author: David M. Arrington

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Arrington Coaching, LLC

Published: Feb 2020

Genre: Business & Economics - Business Ethics

Pages: 142


Want to land your next Promotion? Gone are the days of work hard, do a good job, and you will be handed a promotion. Promotions have become more challenging to come by. But you are ambitious and you still want to climb the corporate ladder. But, how will you answer the most crucial question: why you? You're mid-career, and you thought you'd be further along by now, what happened? You've got the experience. You've worked long and hard. But it just seems like you can't catch a break. What are your options at this stage of your career? Maybe you've been passed over for a promotion (again) what should you do? Stay pissed off? Rage on Facebook? Quit (cause that'll show 'em)? Stay on and become a toxic teammate and a living hell to manage? Those are options, but they won't help you get promoted, which is what you want after all. And if you're a mid-career Gen Xer, getting promoted today is more difficult because the workplace is growing more crowded every year. Boomers aren't leaving the workforce, they're coming back More Millennials are entering the workforce every day, and now Gen Z is graduating from college and entering this job market mosh pit. So you've gotta ask the hard question, why are people around you getting promoted but not you? In Promotable, you will get some solid career advice for getting promoted (even after you've been passed over). In Promotable, you'll learn step-by-step how to:create a career action plan;clarify your reasons for wanting the promotion;identify and mitigate experience gaps;reshape negative perceptions;build influence;create strong relationships;demonstrate your value to the team;highlight your potential;become the obvious choice;land your next promotion;all while not losing sight of work-life balance. Promotable will help you think like a leader, identify and mitigate the gaps in your experience, and get you on track to earn your next promotion. The career advice you will receive in Promotable is 100% sleaze free. You don't have to step on people to get ahead. Highly sought after, Executive Coach, Dr. David Arrington, will share his proven step-by-step process that has helped him and his clients land promotions. You can move from being passed over, to being the obvious choice. YOU are in charge of your career and it's up to you to take control of it. It's time to provide the very best life for yourself and your family and land that next promotion. Promotable will help get you there. So are you ready? Scroll to the top of this page and hit that buy button now.

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