Read My Desire: Lacan Against the Historicists by Joan Copjec Paperback Book


Rent Read My Desire: Lacan Against the Historicists

Author: Joan Copjec

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Verso

Published: Jun 2015

Genre: Philosophy - History & Surveys - Modern

Retail Price: $18.95

Pages: 284


In Read My Desire, Joan Copjec stages a confrontation between the theories of Jacques Lacan and Michel Foucault, protagonists of two powerful modern discourses – psychoanalysis and historicism. Ordinarily, these discourses only cross paths long enough for historicists to charge psychoanalysis with an indifference to history, but here psychoanalysis, via Lacan, goes on the offensive. Refusing to cede historicity to the historicists, Copjec makes a case for the superiority of Lacan's explanation of historical process, its generative principles, and its complex functionings. Her goal is to inspire a new kind of cultural critique, one that would be "literate in desire," that would be able to read what is inarticulable in cultural statements.

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