Riskformation: How Smart Risk Taking Will Transform Your Life by Anne Fish Paperback Book


Rent Riskformation: How Smart Risk Taking Will Transform Your Life

Author: Anne Fish

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Flying Fish Ventures, LLC.

Published: Apr 2016

Genre: Business & Economics - Business Ethics

Pages: 156


Think of someone you admire, someone who you wish to emulate. What makes them successful? What enabled that person to overcome their fear and go after their dream?

Quite simply: the willingness to assume a risk.

Risk taking is the life changing magic that will enable you to live your calling. It is not enough to simply take risks. You must plan your risk with the same precision, passion, and excitement as you would the vacation of your dreams.

Life changing magic doesn't come from wishful thinking. Of course, changing your thinking in order to focus on the positive is important, but thoughts don't move matter. In order to live your calling, you have to take action--smart action.

That's Riskformation in a nutshell: the process that will empower you to take a risk and live your calling.

Along the way, you will learn how to change your thoughts from "What-ifs?" to "Why nots?"

You will shift your thinking from doom and gloom to positivity and gratitude. You will hear stories about risk taking from adventurers, dreamers, and regular people who overcame fear and took the leap.

You will discover the transformational power of risk taking and how to manifest it on your own journey.

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