Road Dawgz by K'Wan Paperback Book


Rent Road Dawgz

Author: K'Wan

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Triple Crown Pubns

Published: Mar 2003

Genre: Fiction - Action & Adventure

Retail Price: $15.00

Pages: 256


IIt's the penthouse or the morgue.' This is the philosophy adopted by Keshawn Wilson, a.k.a. `K-Dawg,' self-proclaimed lord of the streets. Keshawn is the youngest of five kids and one of only two that doesn't belong to his mother's husband. As a little boy he feels the distance between he and his stepfather, and life becomes increasingly difficult for him as the years pass; his childhood and young adult years are spent in a home for boys and state prison, where he serves time for manslaughter. It is during his time behind bars, amongst hardened criminals, that the seeds of evil take root in his life and mercilessly transform him from an innocent child to a heartless, conniving menace, better known as `K-Dawg.'

K-Dawg decides that the world owes him something, and when he is released from prison he intends to take it. He comes up with the ultimate power move that is sure to put him on top of the game or under the earth. He wants it all, and he is dead set on having it—no matter what the cost. He has nothing to lose…and everything to gain.

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