Rough and Ready by Sandra Hill Paperback Book


Rent Rough and Ready

Author: Sandra Hill

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Sandra Hill Books

Published: Mar 2019

Genre: Fiction - Romance - Time Travel

Pages: 352



After being terrorized by an evil tyrant, Hilda Berdottir, a no-nonsense Viking woman, established a Dark Age sanctuary for abused women.. And they are not only surviving, but have been thriving for five years now. Everything is perfect, except that the women have begun to yearn for the one thing that is a danger to their lives. Men! Oh, not for their companionship, but for their seed…as in children. They want to bed them, then shed them, not wed them. Holy Thor! Good thing there are no men around. Until…


Torolf Magnusson and his team of Navy SEALs are cruising along a Norwegian fjord like bleepin' tourists when their reproduction Viking longship wrecks, and they somehow find themselves back in the tenth century outside a medieval version of a woman's shelter. And the females women there are trying everything in their erotic repertoire to lure the men into their bed furs. Hoo-yah! Except for Hilda who wants nothing to do with Torolf. Until…


After Torolf and his comrades-in-arms rid the old Norse world of the villainous Steinolf, they return to present-day California. But oops! Somehow, Torolf accidentally brings Hilda along for the ride through time and space. What's a guy to do when suddenly responsible for a reluctant girlfriend who is being stalked by a mad scientist bent on dissecting her thousand-year-old body? Especially when said body is so hot it's making him think they were meant to be together, ready or not.

Booklist Top Ten Romance Novel for 2006!!Winner of the Hughie Award for Best Time Travel

Finalist for the PRISM Award in the Time Travel Category

Finalist for the P.E.A.R.L. Award

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