San Antonio Uncovered: Quirky and Amazing Facts about the Alamo City by Mark Rybczyk Paperback Book


Rent San Antonio Uncovered: Quirky and Amazing Facts about the Alamo City

Author: Mark Rybczyk

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Trinity University Press

Published: Feb 2016

Genre: History - United States - State & Local - Southwest (az, Nm, Ok, Tx)

Retail Price: $17.95

Pages: 224


It has been said that every Texan has two hometowns: his own and San Antonio. Its charm, colorful surroundings, and diverse cultures combine to make the Alamo City one of the most interesting places in Texas and the nation. In San Antonio Uncovered, Mark Rybczyk examines some of San Antonio’s legends and ghost stories, takes a nostalgic look at landmarks that have disappeared, introduces some of the city’s characters and unusual features, debunks a few local myths, and corrects some misconceptions.

Rybczyk embraces San Antonio's peculiarities by chronicling the cross-country journey of the World’s Largest Boots to their home in front of North Star Mall, the origins of the Frito corn chip and chewing gum, the annual Cornyation of King Anchovy, and Dwight Eisenhower's stint as the football coach at St Mary’s University.

The third edition of San Antonio Uncovered highlights San Antonio as a modern, thriving city with the feel of a small town that sees beauty in the old and fights to save it, even if it is something as seemingly insignificant as an old Humble Oil Station, and its diverse inhabitants as those who appreciate the blending of the old and the new at the Tobin Center and fight to save what’s left of the Hot Wells Hotel.

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