Score Big At The Harness Track! by William Bad Bill McBride Paperback Book


Rent Score Big At The Harness Track!

Author: William Bad Bill McBride


Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.

Published: Dec 1969

Genre: Sports & Recreation - Horse Racing

Pages: 106


You can pick the horses pretty good, but you can't make any money at the track? You've got money to wager, but you have trouble with predicting race outcomes? You enjoy the challenge and sport of harness horse racing, and you'd like to enhance that enjoyment with some real profit? This is the book for you! SCORE BIG AT THE HARNESS TRACK is the first book to instruct you in the two equally essential skills of both handicapping and wagering. Either one is worthless without the other! Both beginners and experienced bettors will find a wealth of new approaches here. This book is divided into two sections, one for each skill. You'll find that this is not a listing of "systems" and "shortcuts" that have been so often presented by others. You may well have already found that such "generic" approaches tend to produce negative results. Instead, this is a textbook intended to instruct you how to build a profitable system of your own, individually tailored to the specific track or tracks you like to play. (Each one is different, and requires a unique approach.) The tools that you will develop will be your keys to success. This is not a book for the lazy. Implementing the elements of a winning system will require some effort on your part. Let the lazy bettors feed the pools. Use the power of your own intelligence to "withdraw" a significant number of those dollars for your own bank account. You can do it!

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