Sexy Beast VI by Kate Douglas Paperback Book


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Author: Kate Douglas

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Aphrodisia

Published: Apr 2009

Genre: Fiction - Erotica - Short Stories

Retail Price: $17.00

Pages: 256


This title contains three stories that include 'Chanku Honor' by Kate Douglas, 'Wings of The Swan' by Anya Howard, and 'Animal Instinct' by Lydia Parks. 'Chanku Honor' - By invitation of Mik, Tala and AJ, a new group of six young people are discovering their Chanku heritage. They call themselves the Wolfpack, with Logan, the leader, Jazzy Blue, his lover, and Deacon, the outsider. Together they will learn of their shapeshifting power and their amazingly sensual legacy...'Wings of The Swan' - Deep in the northern woods, a Saxon chieftain comes upon a hidden waterfall - and watches in amazement as a woman lovelier than a swan appears underneath it. Can this vision of sensual grace be human? Her body is utterly dazzling, and when their sexual longings are satisfied at last, she shows him the ultimate in carnal pleasure...'Animal Instinct' - Assigned to look into a series of deadly maulings, investigator Rachel McNeil tries to conceal the animal-like attraction she feels for the sexy Russian detective she's called to help with the case. But Nikolai arouses feelings in her she has never imagined, and she craves his touch and the erotic bliss she knows it will bring...

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