Shades of Love by Tressie Lockwood Paperback Book


Rent Shades of Love

Author: Tressie Lockwood

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Amira Press

Published: Feb 2008

Genre: Fiction - Romance - Anthologies

Retail Price: $12.99

Pages: 232


An anthology of interracial romance.... Diamond is wild and beautiful. Men flock to Diamond and she just can't seem to tell them no. Kanji won't give in until he knows she really loves him. Alone together in a remote cabin, things heat up, that is until Diamond learns that Kanji has a few secrets of his own.... A Choice Between Two. Lisa has loved Trace from day one but he won't commit. When she moves to New York, she meets a new man, but Trace isn't giving her up so easily.... A Friend and a Lover. Asia wakes up in a stranger's bed. Maybe her one night stand can be more with a hot British lover.... Cheating With Randy. Alicia's best friend wants her to have a baby for her, with her best friend's husband!.... Cheating With Randy 2. Continuing saga of Alicia, Randy and Kate.... Dreaming of Luke. Jeleesa has gone back to college, but who can concentrate on Spanish 101 when there's blond hair and blue eyes to stare at?.... Mia's Dance. Dancing is Mia's life but when an injury threatens her career, she returns home. Her new neighbor, Ryan, is good-looking and the one person who can help. Too bad she finds him infuriating.

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