Sharon Osbourne Survivor: My Story-The Next Chapter by Sharon Osbourne Paperback Book


Rent Sharon Osbourne Survivor: My Story-The Next Chapter

Author: Sharon Osbourne

Narrator: Paula Wilcox

Format: Abridged-CD, Paperback

Publisher: Hachette Audio

Published: Sep 2010

Genre: Biography & Autobiography - Rich & Famous

Discs: 2


Sharon Osbourne's life has always been tumultuous, full of both heartbreak and passion. When she completed her bestselling first book Sharon Osbourne Extreme she had hoped to find some peace and stability after her rollercoaster years. It was not to be. In her brand new memoir she reveals what really happened next-from famous celebrity feuds, to her eventful experiences on The X Factor, to her turbulent relationship with her father and the tragic impact of his death, Sharon remains as frank and insightful as ever. Never afraid to admit her own problems, she is brutally honest about her weight issues and plastic surgery. She also describes movingly how her husband's unconditional love finally brought her true happiness, even amid all the chaos of her life. Abridged.

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