Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos by Simon Tofield Paperback Book


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Author: Simon Tofield

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Akashic Books

Published: Apr 2013

Genre: Humor - Form - Comic Strips & Cartoons

Retail Price: $15.95

Pages: 240


"Tofield's cartoons stand tall-hilarious, loving observations of a privileged and bossy housecatÂ…What elevates Tofield's simple but expressive line drawings above the large litter of competing kitties is his keen grasp of cartoon physics and comedy cat antics. With a pitch-perfect pen, he captures the simple, realistic acrobatics of cats tumbling with toys or gracefully stretching out in the sun, and chronicles their adventures in pantomime stripes that pit them against household objects, their owner, and each other. Cat owners and aficionados will have several delighted "Yes, cats really do that!" reactions reading this."
--Publishers Weekly (review)

"Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos is the third book in a series of print cartoon books tied to Tofield's Simon's Cat YouTube channel, which has more than 30 of his charmingly illustrated cat cartoons."
--Publishers Weekly (feature)

"The phenomenon that is Simon's Cat has hit an all time high! The YouTube videos of the cartoon feline have reached 200 million views online, and the latest film, which is currently both the No. 1 'Most Liked' and 'Most Viewed' film on YouTube, received a million views in just two days. Simon's Cat has continued to evolve with new characters and storylines that every cat owner can relate to!"
--Your Cat

"What sets Tofield's cartoons apart are the truly comic moments of pure cat-ness: the merciless patting at a half-dead fly, the single-minded determination, that weird little dance thing that segues seamlessly into a look of utter boredom."
--The Irish Times

"Through silly pranks and stupendous surprises, the story of Simon's cat and the kitten is truly a great one. And the greatest surprise yet? The entire book is in pictures!"
--National Geographic Kids Dog Eared Book Blog

"Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos continues the tradition of whimsically wordless, black-and-white cartoons about the antics of the playful, pushy, and ever-hungry pet...Although Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos inevitably invites comparison to the popular newspaper comic character Garfield (and "the world's cutest kitten" Nermal), the wordless, often action-filled panels are quite different in that they feature pure, rambunctious feline behavior, as any cat owners can attest--any anthropomorphic elements (such as the cat or the kitten pointing to their open mouths while hungry) are just what real cats would do if they could! The gentle humor of Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos makes it a choice gift for cat lovers everywhere."
--Midwest Book Review

"If you need something to lighten your mood today, there's a new comic book out for cat lovers and lovers of cat lovers."

"Laugh until your sides ache with Simon's Cat in Kitten Chaos, a hilarious collection of cartoons from award-winning animator Simon Tofield."
--National Examiner

With over two hundred million hits on YouTube, Simon's Cat is a genuine word-of-mouth phenomenon. Fans from all over the world have fallen for this adorable but anarchic feline who will do just about anything to be fed. Simon Tofield's beautiful drawings and warm humor come alive on the page in this irresistibly charming book-an outgrowth of the enormously popular short films featured on YouTube.

Like all great cartoon creations, from Peanuts to Asterix, from Garfield to Tintin, Simon's Cat has continued to evolve by introducing new characters and new storylines. After the runaway success of the first two books (Simon's Cat and Simon's Cat: Beyond the Fence), Simon welcomes a cuddly new addition to the family in the form of Simon's Kitten, who is sure to delight Simon's millions of fans. This book features exclusive bonus materials available only in this edition, including a how-to-draw Simon's Cat section and a sheet of removable stickers.

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