Sin and the Spirituality of Archery by Sean C. McVeigh Paperback Book


Rent Sin and the Spirituality of Archery

Author: Sean C. McVeigh

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: McVeigh Ministries Inc.

Published: Jul 2014

Genre: Sports & Recreation - Archery

Pages: 174


Sin and the Spirituality of Archery is a rare publication that blends solid tips and tactics for helping archers increase their ability to shoot a bow and arrow with accuracy. It also covers all of the basic, introductory lessons and equipment selection suggestions needed for those who are just getting started in the sport of archery. Lastly, Sin and the Spirituality of Archery provides a very interesting correlation between archery shooting tactics and spirituality that can be used in everyday-life situations. This helpful information can assist individuals in dealing with challenging life-situations in a far more effective, helpful, and productive way than he or she might have before using this approach to life and spirituality.

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