Soul Identity by Dennis Batchelder Paperback Book


Rent Soul Identity

Author: Dennis Batchelder

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Netleaves

Published: Jul 2007

Genre: Fiction - Technological

Retail Price: $12.00

Pages: 268


You can't take it with you. .but what if you could? Most people believe their souls outlive their bodies. Most people would find an organization that tracks their souls into the future and passes on their banked money and memories compelling. Scott Waverly isn't like most people. He spends his days finding and fixing computer security holes. And Scott is skeptical of his new client's claim that they have been calculating and tracking soul identities for almost twenty-six hundred years. Are they running a freaky cult? Or a sophisticated con job? Scott needs to save Soul Identity from an insider attack. Along the way, he discovers the importance of the bridges connecting people's lives.

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