Soups & Sides for Every Season by Alyce Morgan Paperback Book


Rent Soups & Sides for Every Season

Author: Alyce Morgan

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Moretimeatthetable Publishing

Published: Jun 2014

Genre: Cooking - Courses & Dishes - Soups & Stews

Pages: 176


This book by soup-lover and veteran food blogger Alyce Morgan provides stories and recipes for luscious, quick comfort food using streamlined techniques and methods for well-tested seasonal soups. A few old favorites made fast are listed (I Have a Spring Cold Chicken Noodle) as well as new light, but filling soups like Grilled Shrimp-Bloody Mary, Spiked Gazpacho with Crab, Guacamole Soup, and Potato with Corned Beef and Irish Cheddar. Recipes for innovative sides and salads, quick desserts, as well as breads and sandwiches are included. Soup wine pairings by Drew Robinson, CS.

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