Tappan's Burro and The Kidnapping of Roseta Uvaldo by Zane Grey Paperback Book


Rent Tappan's Burro and The Kidnapping of Roseta Uvaldo

Author: Zane Grey

Narrator: Josh Trimble

Format: Unabridged-MP3

Publisher: Trails & Saddles

Published: Oct 2016

Genre: Fiction - Westerns - General

Retail Price: $9.99

Discs: 1


"Tappan's Burro"

The strong bond between man and beast is legendary throughout history. Never has it been better illustrated than in Zane Grey's "Tappan's Burro," a story in which time, the elements, and even love test the connection between a lone prospector and his one true friend, a lop-eared, placid little burro named Jenet.

"The Kidnapping of Roseta Uvaldo"

After 20 years of being a Texas Ranger―one of the best―Vaughn Medhill longs to settle down with a wife and children on a spread he can call his own. He also longs for the lovely, dark-eyed Roseta Uvaldo. And, when Roseta mysteriously disappears, Medhill knows that as a Ranger―and as a man in love―nothing short of death will keep him from finding her.

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