Ten Days in a Mad-House: And Other Stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne Paperback Book


Rent Ten Days in a Mad-House: And Other Stories

Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Cedar Lake Classics

Published: Oct 2023

Genre: Medical - Psychiatry

Pages: 120


In 1887, reporter Nellie Bly went undercover to expose the horrific conditions inside a women's lunatic asylum. Pretending to be mentally ill, Bly was committed to the notorious Blackwell's Island asylum for ten days. Her undercover investigative journalism revealed the neglect, abuse, and violence rampant in the institution meant to care for vulnerable patients. Published as a groundbreaking exposé in the New York World newspaper, Bly's book "Ten Days in a Mad-House" sparked outraged calls for mental health reform across America. Bly's courageous and unflinching account documented the cruel treatments and inhumane environs inside the real-life "madhouse." Her reporting shed light on a dark corner of 19th century mental healthcare, demanding increased regulation of asylums. Bly's daring undercover journalism earns her a landmark place both as an advocate for change and a pioneer of investigative reporting. "Ten Days in a Mad-House" remains a testament to the power of truth-telling and Bly's trailblazing voice.

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