The Agile Church: Spirit-Led Innovation in an Uncertain Age by  Paperback Book


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Publisher: Morehouse Publishing

Published: Dec 1969

Genre: Religion - Christian Church - Leadership

Retail Price: $24.95

Pages: 176


In today's dynamic cultural environment, churches have to be more than faithful—they have to be agile. That means embracing processes of trial, failure, and adaptation as they form Christian community with new neighbors. And that means a whole new way of being church.

Taking one page from the Bible and another from Silicon Valley, priest and scholar Dwight Zscheile brings theological insights together with cutting-edge thinking on organizational innovation to help churches flourish in a time of profound uncertainty and spiritual opportunity. Picking up where his recent bestseller, People of the Way left off, Zscheile answers urgent and practical questions around how churches become agile and adaptive to meet cultural change.

Cutting-edge leadership theory, approaches, and techniques for churches
Skillfully addresses both academic and church audiences
Study guide included

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