The Amazon Seller: How to Make Over $30,000 Per Month With Amazon FBA by Optimiz (Selling on Amazon) (Volume 1) by Ben Gothard Paperback Book


Rent The Amazon Seller: How to Make Over $30,000 Per Month With Amazon FBA by Optimiz (Selling on Amazon) (Volume 1)

Author: Ben Gothard

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Ben Gothard

Published: Jan 2017

Genre: Business & Economics - Exports & Imports

Pages: 42


How to Make Over $30,000 Per Month With Amazon FBA by Optimizing Your Product Listing Let's cut right to the chase. You want to learn how you can leverage Amazon in order to make an extra $30,000+ per month, and I don't blame you. Bringing in an additional six figures every single year could do a lot for most people. With that amount of income, financial stress can be turned into financial freedom. You wouldn't be worrying about whether or not you could pay the bills or waiting for that next paycheck to come in. Let's face it; an extra $30,000 per month would be life changing. In this book, you will learn how to:Perfect Your Amazon ListingOptimize Your Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Product ListingSelect the Correct Keywords For Your Product to Show Up On Top of Amazon's Search EngineGenerating High Quality, Unbiased Product Reviews Chris and Ben have been on two separate entrepreneurial paths for a few years now. Chris has been dominating Amazon FBA, writing books, blogging, and coaching people with the aim of helping them build financial freedom for themselves. Ben has been building his Social Media Marketing company, writing books, coaching people, and assembling masterminds of entrepreneurs who are far smarter than he is in order to channel their wisdom and help others achieve success in their personal and professional lives. These two entrepreneurs found common ground in helping others become successful in their professional lives by becoming financially free. With Chris's experience in and unending success with ecommerce (specifically Amazon FBA), and Ben's experience and credentials with Internet marketing (including Amazon), they decided to craft The Amazon Seller for you. In this definitive guide, they are going to lay out a pathway to success through Amazon FBA so that you too can make over $30,000 per month selling on Amazon and eventually retire in 3 – 5 years.

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