The Astral by Kate Christensen Paperback Book


Rent The Astral

Author: Kate Christensen

Format: Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Dreamscape Media

Published: Jun 2011

Genre: Fiction - Urban Life

Retail Price: $39.99

Ages: 18 - UP


The Astral is a huge rose-colored old pile of an apartment building in the gentrifying neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. For decades it was the happy home (or so he thought) of poet Harry Quirk and his wife, Luz, a nurse, and of their two children: Karina, now a fervent Freegan, and Hector, now in the clutches of a cultish Christian community. But Luz has found (and destroyed) some poems of Harry's that ignite her long-simmering suspicions of infidelity, and he's been summarily kicked out. He now has to reckon with the consequences of his literary, marital, financial, and parental failures, (and perhaps others) and find his way forward - and back into Luz's good graces.

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