The Best American Short Stories 2001 by Barbara Kingsolver Paperback Book


Rent The Best American Short Stories 2001

Author: Barbara Kingsolver

Narrator: Rick Bass

Format: Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

Published: Oct 2001

Genre: Fiction - Short Stories (single Author)

Retail Price: $35.00


This year's Best American Short Stories is edited by the critically acclaimed and best-selling author Barbara Kingsolver, whose latest book is Prodigal Summer. Kingsolver's selections for The Best American Short Stories 2001 showcase a wide variety of new voices and masters, such as Alice Munro, Rick Moody, Dorothy West, and John Updike. 'Reading these stories was both a distraction from and an anchor to the complexities of my life — my pleasure, my companionship, my salvation. I hope they will be yours.' — Barbara Kingsolver

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