The Best Little Boy in the World by John Reid Paperback Book


Rent The Best Little Boy in the World

Author: John Reid

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Published: May 1993

Genre: Biography & Autobiography - Specific Groups - Male Gay Studies

Retail Price: $17.00

Pages: 256


The classic account of growing up gay in America.
'The best little boy in the world never had wet dreams or masturbated; he always topped his class, honored mom and dad, deferred to elders and excelled in sports . . . . The best little boy in the world was . . . the model IBM exec . . . The best little boy in the world was a closet case who 'never read anything about homosexuality.' . . . John Reid comes out slowly, hilariously, brilliantly. One reads this utterly honest account with the shock of recognition.' The New York Times
'The quality of this book is fantastic because it comes of equal parts honesty and logic and humor. It is far from being the story of a Gay crusader, nor is it the story of a closet queen. It is the story of a normal boy growing into maturity without managing to get raped into, or taunted because of, his homosexuality. . . . He is bright enough to be aware of his hangups and the reasons for them. And he writes well enough that he doesn't resort to sensationalism . . . .' San Francisco Bay Area Reporter

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