The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford Paperback Book


Rent The Best Year of Your Life

Author: Debbie Ford

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Harpercollins

Published: Dec 2005

Genre: Self-help - Personal Growth

Retail Price: $13.99

Pages: 224


Maybe you have slipped into the pattern of waiting for the day when your fantasy life will arrive. You might be hoping that the day is coming when you will finally have more success, money, love, or happiness. Like so many, you may be waiting for something to happen tomorrow that will make you feel better about your life today. But I ask you, has that tomorrow shown up yet? IIt's time to break through the illusion that the best year of your life exists somewhere out there, in the future, when the reality is it exists right here and now.
-- from the Introduction

On New Year's Eve we make resolutions that this year will finally be different. We decide that this is the year we will land a new job, get in great shape, find the man of our dreams, quit smoking, or learn Spanish. Our list of wants is as long as all of our dreams strung together. So what happens to this commitment to change? What stops us in our tracks?Why is it that six weeks after making this pledge, our hopes for change vanish, only to reemerge as next year's 'what-ifs?'Number one'New York Times' bestselling author Debbie Ford not only answers these questions but offers a proven, practical blueprint for making today -- 'this moment' -- the beginning of the best year of your life. Filled with inspiring guidance, encouraging stories, and life-changing exercises, The Best Year of Your Life is a call to action. IIt's time to stop pretending that the life of your dreams will magically arrive, and instead make a clear and precise plan of action that is guaranteed to deliver the life you've been waiting for.

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