The Blessing Way Low Price by Tony Hillerman Paperback Book


Rent The Blessing Way Low Price

Author: Tony Hillerman

Narrator: Tony Hillerman

Format: Abridged-CD

Publisher: Harperaudio

Published: Jun 2005

Genre: Fiction - Religious

Retail Price: $14.95

Discs: 3


Homicide is always an abomination, but there is something exceptionally disturbing about the victim discovered in a high lonely place -- a corpse with a mouth full of sand, abandoned at a crime scene seemingly devoid of tracks or useful clues. Though it goes against his better judgment, Navajo Tribal Police Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn cannot help but suspect the hand of a supernatural killer. There is palpable evil in the air, and Leaphorn's pursuit of a Wolf-Witch is leading him where even the bravest men fear ... on a chilling trail that winds perilously between mysticism and murder.

Enhanced CD: CD features an interactive program which can be viewed on your computer, including: a photo galary, an author Q&A and a 35 years of excellence timeline.

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