The Bones of Time by Liliane Richman Paperback Book


Rent The Bones of Time

Author: Liliane Richman

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Liliane Richman

Published: Apr 2016

Genre: History - Historiography

Pages: 258


Like so many children of war, Liliane Richman grew up with a fractured past. Memories escaped her. As an adult Liliane began to feel the need to reconstruct her past, not only to understand the people she loved, but also to create a fuller picture of herself. Bones of Time is the story of a family, linked by love and a common search for home: Liliane; her father, a Hungarian tailor who travels to Paris to make his fortune; her mother, a sad and beautiful emigre from Germany; Fred, the eldest son, Liliane's beloved brother and protector. It is also a story of Paris of the 1930s and 40s, wounded and broken, but still resilient and resplendent. 

Their stories capture not only the zeitgeist of the times, but also the individual quest for freedom and happiness in a world of horror and madness. Bones of Time is, above all, a poignant memoir of fortitude, transformation, and miraculous reunion.

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