The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson Paperback Book


Rent The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

Author: Kim Michele Richardson

Format: Unabridged-CD, Paperback

Publisher: Blackstone Publishing

Published: May 2019

Genre: Fiction - Historical - General

Retail Price: $34.95


The hardscrabble folks of Troublesome Creek have to scrap for everything everything except books, that is. Thanks to Roosevelt s Kentucky Pack Horse Library Project, Troublesome s got its very own traveling librarian, Cussy Mary Carter.

Cussy s not only a book woman, however, she s also the last of her kind, her skin a shade of blue unlike most anyone else. Not everyone is keen on Cussy s family or the Library Project, and a Blue is often blamed for any whiff of trouble. If Cussy wants to bring the joy of books to the hill folks, she s going to have to confront prejudice as old as the Appalachias and suspicion as deep as the holler.

Inspired by the true blue-skinned people of Kentucky and the brave and dedicated Kentucky Pack Horse library service of the 1930s, The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek is a story of raw courage, fierce strength, and one woman s belief that books can carry us anywhere even back home.

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