The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly Paperback Book


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Author: Michael Connelly

Narrator: Peter Giles

Format: Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Hachette Audio

Published: Oct 2008

Genre: Fiction - Thrillers

Retail Price: $39.98

Discs: 9


Things are finally looking up for defense attorney Mickey Haller. After two years of wrong turns, Haller is back in the courtroom. When Hollywood lawyer Jerry Vincent is murdered, Haller inherits his biggest case yet: the defense of Walter Elliott, a prominent studio executive accused of murdering his wife and her lover. But as Haller prepares for the case that could launch him into the big time, he learns that Vincent's killer may be coming for him next.

Enter Harry Bosch. Determined to find Vincent's killer, he is not opposed to using Haller as bait. But as danger mounts and the stakes rise, these two loners realize their only choice is to work together.

Bringing together Michael Connelly's two most popular characters, The Brass Verdictis sure to be his biggest book yet.

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BookLender review by Alexander on 2009-06-10 17:00:06

Great narration, good plot, enjoyable. Only four stars though, this is not a memorable book. It kept me interested the whole time, but I wasn't left wanting more when it ended. Not on par with the Lincoln Lawyer, but good.

BookLender review by Richard on 2008-11-15 08:12:13

Michael has done it again. Another great novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat. A terrific story. 5 stars.