The Cold Cold Ground (The Sean Duffy Series) (Detective Sean Duffy) by Adrian McKinty Paperback Book


Rent The Cold Cold Ground (The Sean Duffy Series) (Detective Sean Duffy)

Author: Adrian McKinty

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Blackstone Publishing

Published: Jul 2019

Genre: Fiction - Mystery & Detective - General

Retail Price: $15.95


McKinty’s previous book, Falling Glass, was an Best Thriller of 2011 

Northern Ireland, spring 1981. Hunger strikes, riots, power cuts, a homophobic serial killer with a penchant for opera, and a young woman’s suicide that may yet turn out to be murder: on the surface, the events are unconnected, but then things—and people—aren’t always what they seem. Detective Sergeant Duffy is the man tasked with trying to get to the bottom of it all. It’s no easy job—especially when it turns out that one of the victims was involved in the IRA but was last seen discussing business with someone from the loyalist Ulster Volunteer Force. Add to this the fact that, as a Catholic policeman, it doesn’t matter which side he’s on, because nobody trusts him, and Sergeant Duffy really is in a no-win situation. Fast-paced, evocative, and brutal, The Cold Cold Ground is a brilliant depiction of Belfast at the height of the Troubles—and of a cop treading a thin, thin line.

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