The Complete Networker by Jason Wells Paperback Book


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Author: Jason Wells

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: MLM Compete Package

Published: Apr 2014

Genre: Business & Economics - Marketing - Multilevel

Ages: 01 - 17

Pages: 116


Our style for building MLM is radically different from other people's in the MLM Industry. It's often described as "going against the grain." Our MLM building techniques may make you question what your upline, company, and all these MLM "gurus" have taught you. But when there is a high failure rate in MLM with those B.S. tactics, going "against the grain" is probably the smartest thing you can do. The Complete Networker is about building your MLM business with "business common sense" and not the typical nonsense that is spouted around the MLM industry. Understanding our "business common sense" approach to network marketing will help build your business by figuring out what's working and what's not working in your business. This isn't some feel good book about "Getting excited and making it happen" nonsense. No, it's about learning the core business skills and knowledge that you need in order to build your business. Here are just a few of things that you'll learn: The fatal flaw that almost every person in MLM makes that will destroy any chance of a long term residual income.You're really selling two things with your MLM company... make sure you know what they are and how to profit from both of them (99% of people miss one of them!)There are typically three devastating outcomes that happen when you train your team with the typical MLM B.S. Learn what they are and how to avoid them.Learn why many MLM affiliate systems are traps that will eat away at any downline that you have.Learn the most common communication step that people skip over in the sales process that almost guarantees your prospect will go radio silent.Get a sneak peak and take a look over our shoulders to see the exact training model we use to create duplication. If you're tired of hype and a motivational fluff that is disguised as MLM training, then read the Complete Networker.

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