The Dark Room by Minette Walters Paperback Book


Rent The Dark Room

Author: Minette Walters

Narrator: Laural Merlington

Format: Unabridged-MP3

Publisher: Brilliance Corporation

Published: Jan 2009

Genre: Fiction - Psychological

Retail Price: $24.99


The newspaper reported the case with relish. Jane (Jinx) Kingsley, fashion photographer and heiress, tried to kill herself after being unceremoniously jilted by her fiance, Leo Wallader. Leo has disappeared - together with Jinx's best friend Meg Harris. But when she wakes from her coma, Jinx can remember nothing about her alleged suicide attempt. Nevertheless, Jinx is convinced that she would never try to kill herself over Leo . . . Surely it was she who wanted to break the engagement.

When the help of Dr. Alan Protheroe of the Nightingale Clinic, Jinx slowly begins to unlock her nightmares and piece together the fragments of the last few weeks. The truth about what happened to her lies deep within her mind. But what other terrifying memories is she about to disturb?

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