The Divine Name D: Sounds of the God Code by Gregg Braden Paperback Book


Rent The Divine Name D: Sounds of the God Code

Author: Gregg Braden

Format: Unabridged CD

Publisher: Hay House

Published: Nov 2004

Genre: Religion - Judaism - Kabbalah & Mysticism

Retail Price: $15.00


In Kabbalah, the personal name of God is sacred. More than 2,300 years ago, God's name was removed from the religious texts that link over one half of the world's population, in order to safeguard its use. What would it mean if the Divine Name-the personal name of God encoded within the DNA of all life-could be reproduced with the human voice in its original form? Now you can experience the power, mystery and healing of the Divine Name, re-created through the sounds that unite, rather than the letters that

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