The Fall of Lucifer (Chronicles of Brothers) by Wendy Alec Paperback Book


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Author: Wendy Alec

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Warboys Publishing Ltd

Published: Dec 2008

Genre: Fiction - Fantasy - Series

Retail Price: $14.99

Pages: 302


What was he thinking? by Margaret Becker (Review of Wendy Alec's The Fall of Lucifer)

Fiction: imaginary, pretend.

My favorite type of fiction usually falls within the realm of Reed Arvin's Blood of Angels and Patricia Cornwell's Predator --mystery, murder, law, real-life situations made up. I'm not generally a huge sci-fi fan (too many vivid nightmares after the fact). That's why Wendy Alec's book The Fall of Lucifer sat on my desk for longer than it deserved. Alec's 'quasi-fictional' story is a behind-the-scenes look at Lucifer and his role in our history. ( offers this background statement on the author: 'Wendy Alec's call to the body of Christ to work in the area of creative evangelism in the media, has been integral in the pioneering and establishing of Europe's first Christian television network--God Digital.)

Evil--and the depths it will go to--has always been a mystery to me. And right up there along with that, is the ultimate questions: Why would a being that dwelt with God, as one of His beloved, turn against Him?

The Fall of Lucifer addresses those two conundrums eloquently, in almost poetic terms. The transformation of Lucifer from devoted lover of God to evil destroyer of all things good, is presented in vivid, passionate terms that manage to bring you to the cusp of empathy for Lucifer--for a moment at least.

Along with the cataloging of Lucifer's catharsis is the imagined story of his relationship with other angels, specifically Michael and Gabriel, who, in this version, are his brothers. Their brotherly tension is written soulfully right down to their parting of ways, with descriptions that could be superimposes on any of our own worst family gatherings.

Wendy Alec has covered many biblical milestones in the book, including a beautifully chronicled fall of Eve, and Christ's sacrifice. It is emotional and elegant, written with fresh insight into what could have transpired in unseen realms throughout eternity.

If you enjoy rich, fast-paced science fiction or even if you're curious about a different perspective on the 'could'ves' of our Christian history, this exciting book will keep you engaged and leave you with food for thought.

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