The Fiery Brook: Selected Writings (Radical Thinkers) by Ludwig Feuerbach Paperback Book


Rent The Fiery Brook: Selected Writings (Radical Thinkers)

Author: Ludwig Feuerbach

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Verso

Published: Jan 2013

Genre: Philosophy - General

Retail Price: $21.95

Pages: 320


Central essays by Feuerbach, advancing his humanist and atheist thought.

Feuerbach's departure from the traditional philosophy of Hegel opened the door for generations of radical philosophical thought. His philosophy has long been acknowledged as the influence for much of Marx's early writings.

Indeed, a great amount of the young Marx must remain unintelligible without reference to certain basic Feuerbachian texts. These selections, most of them previously untranslated, establish the thought of Feuerbach in an independent role. They explain his fundamental criticisms of the 'old philosophy' of Hegel, and advance his own humanistic thought, which finds its bases in life and sensuality. Feuerbach's contemporaneity as an existentialist, humanist, and atheist is clearly presented, and the reader can readily grasp the liberating influence of this too-long neglected philosopher.

Professor Zawar Hanfi has written an excellent introduction establishing Feuerbach's environment, importance, and relevance and his translations surpass most previous Feuerbach translators.

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