The Immortal Men Vol. 1 (New Age of Heroes) by James Tynion IV Paperback Book


Rent The Immortal Men Vol. 1 (New Age of Heroes)

Author: James Tynion IV

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: DC Comics

Published: Nov 2018

Genre: Fiction - Comics & Graphic Novels - Superheroes

Retail Price: $16.99

Pages: 144


Since time immemorial, a secret war has been waged beyond the edges of human understanding. Two siblings--the Immortal Man and the Infinite Woman--have fought over humanity's destiny. To help mankind, the Immortal Man has gifted part of his life force to a unique group of metahumans. Using their incredible powers, they aid him in his battle. They are the Immortal Men.

And now they are dead.

All but a handful of Immortal Men have been wiped out by the Infinite Woman and her deadly hunters. Now the fate of this timeless battle rests in the hands of one teenage boy named Caden Park. But why are eternal beings interested in Caden? He seems to have the power to read people with a touch, but that shouldn't be enough to tip the scales in a millennia-old war.

If Caden can't figure out what makes him so special, he'll be the last person ever tapped to join the Immortal Men...and the latest one to die!

From the minds of some of comics' greatest creators comes a new vision of a super-team for DC's New Age of Heroes! Spinning out of Dark Nights: Metal, legendary artist Jim Lee (Batman, Justice League) and writer James Tynion IV (Detective Comics) introduce The Immortal Men!

Also featuring art by creators Ryan Benjamin (The Odyssey of the Amazons) and Tyler Kirkham (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps)! Collects issues #1-6.

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