The Intellectual Devotional: American History by David S. Kidder Paperback Book


Rent The Intellectual Devotional: American History

Author: David S. Kidder

Narrator: Noah D. Oppenheim

Format: Unabridged-CD, Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Audio Renaissance

Published: Oct 2007

Genre: History - Americas (north, Central, South, West Indies)

Retail Price: $59.95

Discs: 16


In the same stylish gift format of the best-selling series opener, this new Intellectual Devotional offers daily digests of wisdom from American history--365 brief lessons to stimulate the mind every day of the year.

Modeled after those bedside books of prayer and contemplation that millions turn to for daily spiritual guidance and growth, the first book in the Intellectual Devotional series--offering secular wisdom and cerebral nourishment--was an
instant hit when it appeared in 2006. It was a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestseller.

Now authors David Kidder and Noah Oppenheim have turned to the rich legacy of American history for their selection of daily readings.

From Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin to Martin Luther King, Jr., from the Boston Tea Party to the Gettysburg Address, the giant figures and pivotal events in our national heritage provide a bountiful source of reflection and learning that will refresh knowledge, revitalize the mind, and open new horizons of intellectual discovery.

And just as NBC's Today show said of the first Intellectual Devotional, this new volume will surely be judged 'a great book to give as a Christmas gift.

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