The Lupus Diet Plan: Meal Plans & Recipes to Soothe Inflammation, Treat Flares, and Send Lupus into Remission by Laura Rellihan Paperback Book


Rent The Lupus Diet Plan: Meal Plans & Recipes to Soothe Inflammation, Treat Flares, and Send Lupus into Remission

Author: Laura Rellihan

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Rockridge Press

Published: Apr 2017

Genre: Health & Fitness - Diseases - Immune System

Retail Price: $16.99

Pages: 240


"Whether you are newly diagnosed with lupus or you have had the disease for decades, The Lupus Diet Plan is a must-have addition to your cooking and lifestyle book collection. The Lupus Diet Plan provides an excellent narrative that outlines easy ways to establish healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices while explaining the science behind the food."
―Kelli Roseta, 26-year systemic lupus erythematosus survivor; Client Services Coordinator, Molly's Fund Fighting Lupus

More than 1.5 million Americans live with lupus, and while prescription medications offer many benefits, they also carry with them a number of side effects that can be just as painful and stressful as lupus itself. Most people are unfamiliar with the critical role that nutrition can play in soothing and healing their lupus symptoms and the side effects of common lupus medications.

This was exactly the case for Laura Rellihan who, after years of struggling with debilitating symptoms+, discovered that she could dramatically improve how lupus affected her by changing what she ate. Now a registered dietitian, Laura's written The Lupus Diet Plan so that those living with lupus don't have to wait any longer to find the relief and peace of mind they deserve.

With The Lupus Diet Plan, integrated meal plans are just the beginning. You'll also get access to 100+ simple, delicious, anti-inflammatory recipes, handy food lists, and a daily gratitude and habit tracker with important tips for taking care of yourself.

The Lupus Diet Plan presents 3 practical, 28-day meal plans:

The Basic Lupus Diet Meal Plan offers a general anti-inflammatory diet plan with affordable, easy-to-find ingredientsThe Flare Soother Meal Plan treats symptom flares with super inflammation-fighting nutrients and super easy recipesThe Kidney Care Meal Plan supports damaged kidneys with recipes low in sodium, potassium, and fat

There is no known cure for lupus but you can effectively manage your lupus symptoms with the compassionate guidance in this comprehensive resource.

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