The Mind-Body Code by Mario Martinez Paperback Book


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Author: Mario Martinez

Format: Abridged CD

Publisher: Sounds True

Published: May 2009

Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit - Healing

Retail Price: $69.95


You may know that your mind influences your health but what is influencing your mind? Unless you answer this question, teaches Dr. Mario Martinez, you may be missing a key component on the journey to health and personal excellence. On The Mind-Body Code, the founder of Biocognitive Theory presents his first audio curriculum about the dynamic interplay between our thoughts, our bodies, and our cultural history and how to unlock this powerful doorway to wellness and fulfillment. Six CDs teach listeners how to balance the five portals of wellness, how to conquer the fear of success, the effects of cultural beliefs on the immune system, the cultural elements of longevity, and how to decode the body and its biosymbols.

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