The Missing of the Somme by Geoff Dyer Paperback Book


Rent The Missing of the Somme

Author: Geoff Dyer

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Vintage Books USA

Published: Jul 2011

Genre: History - Military - World War I

Retail Price: $15.95

Pages: 176


Geoff Dyer's classic The Missing of the Somme is part travelogue, part meditation on remembrance—and completely, unabashedly, unlike any other book about the First World War. Through visits to battlefields and memorials, he examines the way that photographs and film, poetry and prose determined—sometimes in advance of the events described—the way we would think about and remember the war. With his characteristic originality and insight, Dyer untangles and reconstructs the network of myth and memory that illuminates our understanding of, and relationship to, the Great War.

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