The Naked Truth by Chunichi Paperback Book


Rent The Naked Truth

Author: Chunichi

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Publisher: Urban Books

Published: Nov 2009

Genre: Fiction - African American - Urban Life

Retail Price: $6.99

Pages: 304


After Snake killed, Danielle gets involved with Snake's supplier, Sean. Sean is controlling and abusive. Danielle dreads each day she must live with Sean and blames Ceazia for her horrible downfall. Eventually Danielle gets fed up and sets Sean up. He's sent to prison and she makes a run for the boarder. Along with job security Danielle gains financial security by snatching up NBA star, Richard Jones. Ceazia moves form VA to Atlanta after murders of Snake, Duke and Bear. With the money she's stolen she gives herself a new image. She is now free from the life of the game and she can finally be that 'good girl' as she was raised. Ceazia gets a job as a dental hygienist and condo in Buckhead. She lands hottest rapper on the charts tae-lay and falls in love. Assuming she's finally met her Vegas, this time she takes her relationship in whole new direction-no more games, money schemes or deception. Totally committed, Ceazia's life revolves around tae-lay and making him happy.

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