The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton Paperback Book


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Author: S. E. Hinton

Narrator: Jim Fyfe

Format: Unabridged-CD, Paperback, Paperback

Publisher: Listening Library

Published: Sep 2006

Genre: Children & Young Adults Fiction - Fairy Tales & Folklore

Retail Price: $25.00

Discs: 4


Written when the author was still in high school, this is the story of Ponyboy, a teenage orphan who lives with his two older brothers. Members of the lower class known as the 'Greasers,' Ponyboy and his friends are at constant war with the 'Socs,' who represent the middle and upper classes. When Ponboy's best friend, Johnny, accidentally kills a member of the Socs, the two teenagers go on the run, hiding out until the heat dies down in their hometown. Tragedy strikes, again, however, and Ponyboy must come to terms with the fact that his life has changed forever. First published in 1967, THE OUTSIDERS brought a new tone of realism into the world of young adult literature. By presenting a story almost completely free of adult characters, Hinton reflects the lives of many contemporary teenagers--who view their friends not only as their companions, but also as their family.

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BookLender review by Elizabeth on 2011-01-08 19:17:34

Now this book in the simpelest way to summarize is about a group of social losers and stereotyped by everyone else as hoodlums which you will notice is used to describe the outsiders.There actions are justified by being the way they survive and the ways things are for them.Also it shows how humans feel that there outsiders or feel lonely at one point in there life.Also the ending is somewhat bitter sweet.a box of kleenix is recommended for the faint at heart.also there is personal revolution and twist ending that is quite clever! enjoy and read!