The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks Paperback Book


Rent The Rescue

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Format: Paperback, Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Warner Books Inc

Published: Aug 2001

Genre: Fiction - Literary

Retail Price: $16.00

Pages: 339


Volunteer fireman Taylor McAden is driven to take terrifying, heroic risks to save lives. But theres one leap into the unknown he cant bring himself to make: He cant fall in love. A man who likes to rescue troubled women, he inevitably leaves them as soon as they want more from him. Then, one day, a record-breaking storm hits his small Southern town, and Taylor comes across a young single mother named Denise Holton in a crashed car. When she revives, Taylor finds himself looking for her missing sonand involved in a rescue different from all the others. This one will require him to open doors to his past that have been slammed shut by pain. And with Denises help, dare him to make the greatest commitment of all: love someone forever.

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